Tila Tequila Can’t Even SPELL “Privacy”

Thanks to Deceiver reader Matt for the title. You’re right, Matt–sometimes these things write themselves.

Johnson & Johnson heiress (and alleged frequent abuser of the family pharmaceuticals) Casey Johnson has been found dead in her Hollywood home. The “out” lesbian socialite was reportedly engaged to … wait for it … Tila Tequila.

This is going to be wild.

Samantha Ronson tweeted it best today: “Am so sick of those 3 letters, so tired of losing friends to something as senseless as a drug overdose. WAKE UP people. Drugs will kill you.”

And then Lindsay Lohan retweeted it. Hello? Drug overdose? News flash for LiLo: That message was directed at you. Just you. It’s like David Letterman writing a memo telling other talk show hosts not to strip search their interns.

But the real hypocrite in this story has got to be Tila Tequila.
Let’s go to the tweets, which started last night around dinnertime in L.A.


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