The Flying Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman of Nelson

Some people think to do what other people think and can not achieve their dreams. One person Rudy Heeman Nelson, who has designed and built a machine that can fly and can be used as a boat or land vehicle. to arrive at the current form, needs to take a decade to Rudy finished. Made in the garage inventor, this hovercraft is crafted while using various parts from other vehicles such as scooters, BBQs, and threw the car. This machine works as a boat does not hit the long 70km / h. After touching this landmark, down to the sky. This machine is technically a boat does not require a pilot license to fly it. Besides Rudy aerodynamic principles and knowledge gained from fiberglass laminate, this machine has a 1.8 liter Subaru engine that allows for a maximum of 225 kilometers and removable wings. When in flight, this machine can only carry two people, or 160 kg. but in hovercraft mode the capacity increases to three people. The maximum altitude of this Flying Hovercraft is around 3 meters



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